Small Business Owner in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hi! I’m Ryan Lazanis. I’m a CPA by trade but definitely don’t consider myself a normal accountant. I identify more with being an entrepreneur and I love disruptive technologies and business models. My aim is to help modernize the old, boring, traditional accounting profession.

After spending many years in public practice at a small, traditional CPA firm, I decided to start Xen Accounting in 2013. The firm was one of the first of its kind in Canada. 100% online, totally paperless, fully cloud-based,  leveraging the latest tech to automate our customer’s accounting. We’re a firm of geeky CPA’s, bookkeepers and technologists. We looked at what millennials hated from the traditional accounting firm and turned that on its head to offer a new service in the country.

I also like writing & speaking on the subject of technology (including blockchain & cryptocurrency!) & accounting. I’ve been a writer for Techvibes, featured in international publications and have spoken at various events around the world.

Previous to starting Xen Accounting I was an active DJ in Montreal but I have to say that my biggest passion is traveling to remote destinations with my wife.